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©터닝포인트 do not edit, crop or remove watermark.

©터닝포인트 do not edit, crop or remove watermark.

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HELLO! AS MANY OF YOU GUYS KNOW, MY NAME IS JANET. ..What am I doing lol. Anyways, since i’m feeling especially happy with Infinite’s comeback soon (during midterm month of course……..) & to help Yazzy (but who cares about her, right? LOLJK). I will be doing this giveaway! So, I have an extra INFINITE First Invasion album because dvdheaven decided to send me my package 5 months later after I already bought another from somewhere else.. Anyways enough talking.. time for the more important stuff!

First winner will receive INFINITE’s First Invasion album. The second winner will receive the INFINITE ring from the picture (It’s pretty big so you could probably turn it into a necklace or something).
REQUIREMENTS: FIRST, you must be following me. SECOND, you must reblog and like this post. That will gain you one entry.
OPTIONAL/BONUS: Go here and vote for ‘gyuku’. You’ll get an additional entry. Once you’ve voted for her, send me a screenshot of voting message after. If you don’t know how to screenshot, then just tell me what the message says after (you can send this via fanmail since ask doesn’t allow links). And it only takes like less than 1 minute to vote! PLUS you get the additional entry. BTW, THE VOTING DEADLINE IS SUNDAY, THE 3RD. So, you have a time limit of getting the additional entry.
DEADLINE: Friday, March 8th 11:59PM PST.

So, the maximum entry is 2. Any additional reblogs won’t count.
Goodluck! <3

EDIT: If when you submit, there’s no message, then just do it again and tell me the message after the 2nd time.

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Infinite: Now and Then

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